Thursday, March 19, 2009


Saying Peter was given that name to signify "The Rock" - that is, that he was steadfast and immovable reminds me of this little rustic craft - heartstones. Like God's immovable and steadfast love for us.

If you find yourself sitting outside enjoying the beautiful spring weather and see some roughly heart shaped stones lying at your feet, why not pick some up and rub them against other rocks to see if they can be filed down a bit to a heart shape? I like to make some and leave them for other people to find. Playing at God's game of whimsical surprises when you least expect it.

Not being a rock person since I was around 6, I can't tell you what kind of rocks I used, the kids and I just tested rocks near a stream to see which were happy to be filed into heart shapes against a nice piece of granite from the parking lot.

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